Services & Treatment

TDMall clinic in Macquarie Park offers acupuncture and remedial massage. Other services include herbal medicine, cosmetic acupuncture, cupping and scraping therapy.


  • Patients will firstly receive one-on-one professional medical diagnosis from TDMall TCM practitioner. Next, the practitioner will review and discuss the diagnosis outcome with the patient. The practitioner will also advise the patient on a suitable treatment plan that is consistent with the patient’s personal goals for care.
  • Initial treatment will last up to 60 minutes. The number of treatments required depends on the patient’s health condition. In most cases, patients will experience a reduction in symptoms within a few sessions.


Remedial Massage

  • TDMall Remedial Massage therapists will conduct a detailed patient consultation. This includes using various best practice techniques to assess damaged or sore muscles.
  • TDMall therapists will then apply suitable pressure to deeply penetrate muscles associated with the problem. Patients may experience some discomfort during and soreness after the therapy session.
  • This treatment aims to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons. As a result, this restores the correct position of the bones, improves blood circulation and assists in healing injuries.


Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment

  • Patients will receive one-on-one professional Chinese medicine diagnosis from TDMall TCM practitioner.
  • TDMall TCM practitioner will prescribe a herbal medicine formula based on the practitioner’s diagnosis.


Cosmetic Acupuncture/Beauty Therapy

  • A detailed consultation with the patient will be conducted to understand and address any internal imbalances in the patient body. Next, about 20-100 single-use and disposable acupuncture needles will be inserted on the patient face. To achieve desirable result, cupping, scraping therapy, facial moxa and/or body acupuncture can be offered as part of facial acupuncture treatment. This additional treatment will depend on the patient’s health condition.
  • Each facial acupuncture treatment session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Deluxe facial treatment service is also available which includes facial steaming, cleansing, exfoliating, massaging & mask treatment, as well as shoulder massage.

Allied Health Management

  • Women’s Health
  • Pain Management
  • Weight Management – Combine Acupuncture with Herbal Medicine
  • Cancer Support Treatment
  • Headache, Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Sleep Difficulty, Diarrhoea and Constipation, and etc.
TDMall Services & Treatment can be paid with following methods:
  • Cash, EFTPOS, VISA and Master Card payment.
  • Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS) terminal available.
acupuncture consultation session by accredited practitioner
acupuncture treatment performs by acupuncturist on a patient in a clinic.
cosmetic acupuncture performed by acupuncturist to improve skin condition of the patient
cupping therapy to relieve pain on patients
massage performed by massage therapist on a patient in a clinic

TDMall (Sydney)

Suite 3.03, Level 3, Macquarie
Innovation Centre, 2 Banfield Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
Tel: (02) 9251 9001

Close to Macquarie Centre / Macquarie University Station

Parking at Macquarie Centre or street parking available.

Hours of Service

Monday to Friday
9.00am to 7.00pm
Consultation and Treatment by Appointment Only
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed